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Alberta Culture Days – Asdolah Kheirandish – Master Weaver from Afghanistan
Sep 1 all-day

Meet Asdolah Khierandish!: “I was born in Afghanistan and I am a master rug weaver and designer. I did this job for about twenty five years. I had a part-time job when I was seven and when I was nine, my father took me to a carpet and rug weaving shop. I understood that it is my new job. In the rug weaving shop, about twenty kids and teenagers had been working, three kids on each loom. We were working from early morning to after sunset, for about twelve hours a day and we had no break time. We only had thirty minutes for lunch. After I finished high school, my goal was to become a journalist, but the cruel and racist government did not let me go to university. Their policy was based on racism. Because of my race, I had no chance to get into the journalism department. I was deprived of the opportunity to continue schooling. However, I focused on my job skills, which was weaving and designing handmade rugs and carpets. When I became an adult, I started my own business: designing, buying and selling handmade rugs and carpets. In 2012, my family and I were able to come to Canada. In 2016, my family and I became citizens of Canada. In June 2020, I got my Social Work Diploma from Red Deer College. At present, along with caring for my family (my wife and five kids), I am an active volunteer at C.A.R.E. It has been an amazing experience and also a good opportunity for me to improve my communication skills and use technology for meetings with my clients. I am looking forward to using these skills in my future career.” #ABCultureDays

Alberta Culture Days – Jessie de Leon
Sep 3 all-day

I am Jessie de Leon. My friends call me Jess. For over eight years now, called Red Deer along with my family our second home.

Besides playing tennis, badminton and playing pool I have been performing with my acoustic guitar for three years now mostly at The Hub on Ross, a few times at group homes did front acts for popular Filipino bands from Philippines and occasionally small gigs at bars.

I just love playing acoustic music and all I did was encouraged anyone to showcase their talent and skill in music, hence Jess and Friends was formed.

In the last three years, I have brought over a dozen talents to The Hub on Ross as individuals and as a group sharing their passion and love for music.

Last May, I organized an outdoor mini concert dubbed as Acoustic Hour with the purpose of honouring frontliners. There were thirty people that showed up. Nineteen freebies were given away from benevolent small business owners and supporters. Red Deer Advocate did a write up for the event.


Alberta Culture Days – Dora Wayne – Classical Indian Dancer
Sep 5 all-day

My name is Dora Wayne (nee Gangopadhyay). I am a bharatanatyam dancer who has lived in Red Deer for the last 14 years.  I learned bharatnatyam, an Indian Classical Dance, when I stayed home with my children while they were young. It was something I was interested in when I was younger and kept me in touch with my East Indian heritage.  I no longer take formal lessons, but I do perform around the Central Alberta area, in schools and festivals.

This dance is an excerpt from a Varnam choreographed by Priyadarshini Govind. 

This excerpt is a technical portion of a dance that is approximately 1/2 hour long.  I performed this with another dancer in Edmonton a few years ago.

The first picture is by local artist Mukesh Khugsal.  The second picture is from the same performance as the video clip, and it was taken by Tracy O’Camera


Alberta Culture Days – Chinese Dancers
Sep 7 all-day

Miss Sandy, an outstanding teacher at Hunting Hills High school and a passionate dancer for life, called out to the Chinese community for a dance team. Started with only a few members in 2015, the dance team has grown into 13-15 regular practitioners! Both the instructor and dancers have made tremendous commitment to learn and practice as most of them hold full time professional jobs, teacher, engineers, architect, accountants and scientist. Their repertoire covers international themes such as Tibet dance, Bollywood dance and Classic Chinese dance and they are learning new dances all the time!


Alberta Culture Days – Funmi Olaoye – Singer from Nigeria
Sep 9 all-day
Alberta Culture Days – Red Deer Aboriginal Dance Troupe
Sep 11 all-day
Alberta Culture Days – Heidy Palameno – Film maker from El Salvador
Sep 13 all-day
Alberta Culture Days – Sage Moon Singers
Sep 15 all-day
Alberta Culture Days – Elena Rousseau – Poet
Sep 17 all-day
Alberta Culture Days – Hmayak Mikayelyan – Singer and Musician from Armenia
Sep 19 all-day