C.A.R.E. has a New Executive Director

Frank 2013-09-23Dear C.A.R.E.-ing Friends,

Shortly after I came to Canada in February 2009 together with my family I signed up as a volunteer with C.A.R.E. From previous experiences we had learned that volunteering is a great way to get connected to the a new community.  I can clearly remember the first time that I recognized someone from C.A.R.E. while walking through the Bower Mall and we had a nice chat.  And also the first time I helped out with a translation, getting a thank you for doing that.  How good did that feel!

There was little doubt when an opportunity came up early 2011 to apply for a paid position with C.A.R.E.  Beyond making money for a living I was looking for a meaningful purpose of my life and at the same time being a new immigrant myself I felt I could certainly connect with other newcomers.

I am very excited to embark on my new duty as Executive Director for this great organization.  And I very much look forward to do my utmost, together with all of you, to help all newcomers feel at home in our community.  Together we can make good things happen.

Thank you very much for all you do and we’ll be in touch,

Frank Bauer