Collaboration with the Aboriginal Program and the Student Life Program at Red Deer College

C.A.R.E. is collaborating with the Aboriginal Program and the Student Life Program at Red Deer College to facilitate the following programs which are open to the public as well as Red Deer College students. 

Details on location and time are to be announced.

Sept. 18th Blanket Exercise
The Blanket Exercise uses blankets to initially represent Canada as populated by Indigenous peoples . The activity then takes participants through a narrative describing the segregation, relocation, and shrinking populations of First Nations following the arrival of Europeans.
Oct. 2nd Medicine Bags
Traditional medicines are very important to First Nations peoples. The natural remedies held by respected members in different First Nations’ Communities are highly sacred and kept protected. Medicine pouches, made of leather, are commonly used to hold sacred herbs and plants. Come create your own traditional pouch with the help of Elders. Your pouch can be used to hold any items that hold importance to you.
Oct. 16 Japanese Tea Ceremony
Come learn about the Japanese Tea Ceremony. A beautiful ceremony not only about drinking tea, it is a ceremony appreciating the preparation, process, and presentation of the powdered green tea called Matcha. 
Nov. 6 Jingle Dress
Come watch a competition Jingle Dress Powwow Dancer and learn about the origins of the dance also known as the ‘Healing Dance.’
Nov. 20 Traditional Food and Stories
Learn to make bannock dough with the help of Elders and enjoy their traditional and personal stories as Indigenous peoples.
Dec. 4 Mehndi (Henna)
Mehndi is the art of temporarily staining the skin with Henna. It is a traditional practice used in India and Pakistan. Mehndi is usually applied for special occasions; predominantly weddings. Join us in practicing the art of Mehndi.