Connecting Newcomers

Volunteering with my refugee friend really opened my eyes to some of the hardships he had to endure…and learning how much I take for granted like being able to drive, go shopping, get groceries, etc. My overall experience as a volunteer with C.A.R.E. is an amazing one that I will cherish forever.”

The Connecting Newcomers program builds community connections between newcomers and established Canadians.  We connect our clients with volunteers who give their time, knowledge and experience to help them adapt to life in Canada. 

We plan activities that build an understanding of Canadian culture, values, and traditions such as:

  • Conversation Circles – practicing English in a group setting
  • Visits with Canadians to learn about Canadian culture in a fun, relaxed way
  • Job interview practice to gain valuable skills
  • Going for a walk to the park or around the neighborhood to get comfortable with the area
  • Visiting local attractions such as museums, leisure centres, festivals and more
  • Sharing pictures and talking about other cultures

Volunteers give the valuable encouragement and support that helps to create independence and integration into Canada; often, our past clients of this program become volunteers themselves!

We like to visit with our Canadian family and practice English. Practicing English is very important to me, helps me speak better. We learned a lot about Canadian culture and lifestyle. Now, we appreciate more what a great country Canada is…”

The great benefits from this program to both clients and volunteers include:

  • Improved English through conversation and interaction
  • Learning about each other’s culture and traditions
  • The satisfaction in knowing you’re making a difference
  • Creating new connections in the new community

In order to qualify, or be eligible for these services, you must be a permanent resident.

>> If you would like more information on being a part of this program as either a volunteer or client, please contact us at or 403-346-8818.