Translation & Interpretation Services

“What a great service!”

The Translation & Interpretation Program at C.A.R.E. assists newcomers by providing volunteer interpreters for medical, educational, legal and other appointments in the community, and by translating documents for varying purposes.

These services are provided with the help of a great group of volunteers who speak over 30 different languages and dialects. Our volunteers are community members of all ages and are often former clients of the Immigrant Centre. Some are newcomers to Canada, while others are second, or even third generation Canadians. Regular volunteer training and a thorough check by our qualified staff ensure reliable service.

Under this program, we provide translation of documents such as:

  • Drivers’ licenses
  • Educational certificates and transcripts
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Legal documents

You can access this service for purposes such as applications for Alberta driver’s licenses, College or Universities, for applications to IQAS for education assessment and for applying for Canadian Citizenship.

Interpretation is another very important service provided under this program. With the help of volunteer interpreters, C.A.R.E provides interpretations in your first language to assist with appointments at schools, clinics, courts, government and other organizations.

Notarization of translated documents is provided if needed, at little or no cost.

In order to access these services, clients need to bring their Permanent Resident Card or Immigration document showing their date of arrival, country of birth/origin, and immigration category.

>> For more information contact us at or 403-346-8818.